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Inspire improvement, create accountability and accelerate performance.

Just like an athletic coach, My goal as a business coach
is to help enhance your personal growth, mindset
& perspective until you reach your full potential

Without your coach, would you have had weekly practice?

Accountability is key to business improvement.

Did you prefer to talk to your coach rather than your parents?

As a coach, I am a trusted outsider/advisor.

Did your coach actually play in the game?

Of course not, this is about your effort.

Do you still live lessons learned from your coach?

This is about personal growth, mindset & perspective.

Did you perform better than even you thought you could?

Coaching helps you reach your full potential.

So what makes a great coach?

A great coach: the real question is:

Are you worth coaching?


Every top performer has a coach.

I coach YOU throughout your business.

I can help you significantly improve:



You’ll have a hard time finding someone with more passion for his/her work than Sean McCarthy. That passion translates into ideas for action and enthusiasm for implementation. He gets my creative energy flowing every time we meet and pushed me to move forward with my objectives. I highly recommend connecting with Sean if progress is your intent.
TAB Board Jacksonville PS
Sean is a great resource for jump-starting your brain. In our three months of work together I was able to rejuvenate my thinking around my current writing business, generate creative ideas around my new business idea, and put solid processes in place to keep me focused as I grow both. He is a terrific sounding board and task master, and offers solid, poignant insight that gets you motivated.
Small Business Owner KP

So what am I assessing in 30 minutes?

You. I am going to do a “30,000-foot view” evaluation of your business goals and challenges to determine where you are now, where you want to be, and whether my style and method to coaching will be a good and successful fit for you.

I’m asking you to invest the same 30 minutes to evaluate ME.

Let’s be honest, coaching is a personal relationship. This is a co-interview and the goal for both of us is to find the right fit.

I'm ready to invest 30 minutes in you, are you?