Why Strategic Planning Is Important For Small Business

Small business owners mistakenly believe that the size of their business negates the need for strategic planning but the opposite is actually true. Its inherent size is actually what makes strategic planning more important, because it can be means for a small business to gradually evolve into a huge and thriving multinational corporation. What is […]

Traction – EOS Coaching for Small Business

Is your business stagnating?  Do you seem to be experiencing plateauing profits and trouble hiring the right people? Or are you wondering how you will be able to sustain the growth you are having without going crazy or working endless hours as the owner?  The book Traction, by author Gino Wickman might offer you a […]

BNI The Power of One Podcast – Impact of One – Coach Sean McCarthy

BNI – Profit Builders BNI, more specifically, The Profit Builders Chapter, has been an integral part of Bold City Coaching Company’s reach and impact in the Jacksonville, Florida & Northeast Florida Region.  BNI has served as a fantastic resource of quality businesses and a fantastic network of professionals that help serve our clients. In 2020 […]

Follow Confident People

Lack of Confidence can plague small business owners You immediately notice when someone is confident. They enter the room, and people pay attention. They have a way about them that gets people interested. If you want to become confident yourself, why not follow people who are confident already? As a business coach for over 10 […]

Bad Habits

Where Do Our Bad Habits Come From? Life should be pretty good. We’re smart people, who know how to find things out. We know the healthy habits that we’re supposed to have and have even set all manner of goals to create those habits in our lives. But over and over again we’ve failed, and […]