Small Business Coaching

Many business coaches seem to treat all businesses like they are large corporate entities and try to force small businesses into something they are not.  Bold City Coaching Company is not like most coaching firms, our focus is on the small business owner and developing their team from the inside out.

Profit Formula

Our Profit Formula is a easy to follow strategy to help small businesses double their profits in 12 months by focusing on 5 key areas of the business.

Lead Generation

Learning to identify your best target market, knowing how to reach those customers and creating simple follow-up strategies will grow your business revenue


Creating effective follow-up systems, learning customer buying motives, getting repeat customers and skills to build customer confidence & trust quickly improves sales.
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Using improved goal setting and critical measurement analytics along with proven reverse engineering techniques, will keep your business on track to achieve aggressive business goals and be able to better predict future targets for your business
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Scaling & growing your business requires growing as a leader as well as, developing future leaders of your organization. Our small business leader training includes crafting a compelling vision, accountability systems, inspiring others and crafting consistent communication