You’ll have a hard time finding someone with more passion for his/her work than Sean McCarthy. That passion translates into ideas for action and enthusiasm for implementation. He gets my creative energy flowing every time we meet and pushed me to move forward with my objectives. I highly recommend connecting with Sean if progress is your intent.
TAB Board Jacksonville PS
Sean is a great resource for jump-starting your brain. In our three months of work together I was able to rejuvenate my thinking around my current writing business, generate creative ideas around my new business idea, and put solid processes in place to keep me focused as I grow both. He is a terrific sounding board and task master, and offers solid, poignant insight that gets you motivated.
Small Business Owner KP
I’m a smart guy. I was in my 6th year of business when Sean asked me “How would you double your profit?” My response (predictably) was “Easy! Double my leads & prospects.” WRONG. I was floored at the simplicity of Sean’s Profit Formula.
Web Developer Business GS
Sean is a excellent Coach who took my rambling thoughts and helped me organize them into coherent action steps. In one call he assured me in what I was doing right and guided me to make the changes necessary in my game plan that would get me quicker results.
DM Writer business owner
What a great experience and pleasure to have hired Sean McCarthy at Colorado Coaching Company. I love the personalized approach along with them keeping accountable on my end to meet my goals. I highly recommend Colorado Coaching Company
Small Business Direct Marketing rs
Sean proved invaluable as my coach as I was refocusing my business life. Not only is Sean a hugely experienced coach he gelled with me due to his pragmatic, no nonsense nature. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade and challenge me when I need to be held accountable.
Business Sales Director -AM
Sean’s enthusiasm is beyond measure and his positive outlook on life gives him a natural ability to give the perspective that his clients can use to overcome any obstacles and achieve all of their goals.
derrick-sweet - Certified Coaches Federation

Sean and I have been working together for years now and he has been a tremendous help for my business growth. The year I started using him I noticed an immediate uptick in my business. That catapulted me into the following year where I had a major jump in production that resulted in a sizeable increase in income.

The following year I thought I would go it on my own, without a business coach. In my eyes I just had the two best years, back-to-back, and I didn’t need a coach. Well I was wrong. That year, for many reasons including not having a business coach in my corner, was the worst year I had in many years.

So I went back to the drawing board, thought about what was missing, and came to the conclusion that part of the equation of my success was having a business coach onboard.

I retained Coach Sean’s services again and was able to have a big bounce back year. I would encourage anyone to look into using a business coach, and since my experience has been with Coach Sean I would recommend him. He is a valuable asset and can help navigate the many obstacles we all face in today’s business world.

Business Coaching Client Delmar

I came to Sean needing help navigating being a small business owner working in the business while also still working my full time corporate job. Insane. I was hoping he could provide clarity around how to juggle both roles and offer tangible strategies to help me achieve some kind of balance and path forward. Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience. Hire Sean not because he’s a business coach, but because working with him is like having a conversation with someone who’s more knowledgeable than you about business. He’s an uninvolved third party that can see past all the hang-ups that small biz owners deal with. Sean not only entertained all my “complaints” as a fantastic listening ear, but also gave me strategies to implement, held me accountable for implementing said strategies, kept it real when it was needed, and offered encouragement. He’ll also help you with your numbers and making sure your business is viable from a revenue perspective. Every small business owner can use a coach like Sean! I highly recommend Bold City Coaching.

Julie Fuller